Understanding Holiday Home Insurance

Sep 4, 2023

We recently managed a claim from a guest who was spending time in a Weymouth holiday cottage insured by us. They apparently sat on a plastic patio chair that collapsed, causing them to fall and bruise their behind. To verify the damage a photograph of the affected area was emailed to our claims department!

We handled the claim, and all ended well for our client as the insurers, on behalf of the landlord, did not accept liability. This was an unusual claim, but it illustrates the diverse nature of risks that need to be covered by holiday home insurance.

Owning a holiday home can be rewarding. However, safeguarding your investment requires more than just picturesque landscapes and cosy interiors. To ensure peace-of-mind it is crucial to secure comprehensive insurance coverage for your holiday home. 

In this article, we will explore the importance of holiday home insurance and highlight the key considerations when choosing coverage, with a focus on the expertise of David Upshall Insurance Services.

The Need for Holiday Home Insurance

Owning a holiday home comes with unique risks and considerations. Unlike your primary residence, your holiday home may remain unoccupied for extended periods, making it more vulnerable to risks such as theft, vandalism or damage caused by natural disasters. Moreover, letting your property to guests adds an increased potential for liability claims. Holiday home insurance provides protection against these risks and ensures that your investment remains secure.

Advised Sale

Clients ask me; what is the difference between the service we offer and that of some large direct brokers and insurers? The answer is that all our holiday home policies are arranged by our experienced team on an advised basis. We believe it is important to be advised when arranging insurance for your property or business, as you may not be aware of all the covers you need to protect your property and limit your liability. 

We take time to understand each client’s individual needs. Our many years of experience mean we then know which insurers to approach to best match your needs. 

It is important to gain enough information to advise on covers that may be needed. In addition to the basic material damage cover, we need to look at cover for employers’ liability, public liability, directors and officers and legal expenses. We also ensure that our clients understand one very important factor – under-insurance. 

Under-insurance is one of the biggest causes of claims not being paid in full. In order to counter this, we highlight the dreaded ‘subject to average’ clause that appears in most policies. We explain what this means this and offer a low-cost rebuild valuation service through Rebuild Cost Assessment, at just £133.50 including VAT. 

As you embark on your journey of owning a holiday home, safeguarding your investment with comprehensive insurance coverage is paramount. David Upshall Insurance offers tailored solutions and specialised expertise to ensure that your holiday home remains protected from the potential risks.

For more information, contact David Upshall on 01305 268883 or email david@davidupshall.co.uk

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