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Don’t risk your business property being under-insured

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    Do you know the rebuild cost for your property?

    An accurate valuation of reinstatement cost is crucial when setting your insurance premium. An under-valuation will likely result in a reduction of any insurance claim that you make, however small that claim may be. This is known as the Subject To Average clause (see panel on right for details).

    Building reinstatement costs have increased significantly in the past 2 years, and you may be caught out if the stated value in your policy does not meet the current costs of materials and labour.

    The risk of underinsurance relates not only to the cost of rebuilding your property but also any associated costs, including:

    • Planning and other permissions, site clearance, design and fitting-out
    • Alternative premises during rebuilding/repairs
    • Inpact on business turnover during a period of disruption
    • Lease, rent, rates and other property-related outgoings

    David Upshall Insurance can help you guard against the risk of under-insurance. Complete the form below and we will contact you to carry out a low cost desktop insurance valuation for just £126.00 including VAT.*

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